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Engage us to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and applications.

What are the terms of use of ThreatPerspective resourses unless further defined in contractual obligations

All accesses to ThreatPerspective assets are monitored and logged. By accessing this site or any site owned and operated by ThreatPerspective, you consent to such monitoring.

Unauthorized access is defined by ThreatPerspective as any access to ThreatPerspective assets intended to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data stored on ThreatPerspective assets. Unauthorized access is also any access to ThreatPerspective assets intended to alter the flow of execution of ThreatPerspective devices, discovery or exploitation of vulnerabilities, and other attempts to gain unauthorized access to ThreatPerspective assets.

The nature of some of the products and services offered by ThreatPerspective are such that they could be used for malicious and illegal purposes. By using any of the resources, products or services offered by ThreatPerspective you acknowledge that you are doing so legally and are engaging in legitimate and legal activities for which authorization has been granted to you by any affected third party which you may be interacting with.

ThreatPerspective will cooporate fully with law enforcement officials if any of our products or services are being used unlawfully. Unauthorized access attempts to ThreatPerspective assets will be investigated and offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

All content created by ThreatPerspective on this, or any other, ThreatPerspective owned site or resource is the exclusive property of ThreatPerspective and cannot be duplicated without express written consent from ThreatPerspective.

By utilizing any resources, products or services offered by ThreatPerspective you legally swear and proclaim that you will abide by the Terms of Use defined in this agreement, and that you will not use any of ThreatPerspective's resources, products or services to engage in any criminal activites.

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